The Saga of Phoebe

The Saga of Phoebe

It was a dark and stormy night when they tossed me out on the streets.  I was small, really small, and I was wet and hungry. I thought I might go hunting for a rabbit or squirrel to eat, but then I realized it doesn't work if your dinner is bigger than you are.  So I wandered, meowed, and cried.  

I was about to give up, when to my delight, came a wonderful person.  She was nothing like the one who threw me out of the car.  No, this person was wrapping me up in a blanket and drying my fur.  She said she would feed me.  I was salivating at the thought of that juicy rabbit.  Oddly, it tasted like chicken, but I wasn't going to complain. 

She took me to see a vetrinarian... vetaranarun... vegetarian... uh, vet.  The vet was nice enough, I guess, but I still didn't like the whole thermometer experience.  What is wrong with these vets?  They're like those extraterrestrials you hear about that are obsessed with probing rectums.  Anyway, I got some yucky-tasking paste to get rid of my... (this is so embarrassing to say)... "my worms."  And I went home with the nice person who rescued me.  She kept taking me back to the vet and they said I was gaining weight and looking spectacular.  I just wish they would quit with the thermometer.  

Well, I've put in a hard day of eating gourmet cat food, rubbing on my human and marking her as "mine, mine, mine," and chasing the small two-horned-three-eyed monsters that, for some reason, only I can see. So, it's time for my cat nap. 

The abandonment of a kitten is an act that can be committed only by someone who lacks empathy.  There can be no defense for such cruelty.  Nonetheless, having to acknowledge such evil exists among us shouldn't prevent us from recognizing good.  Phoebe has known both sides of humanity:  The horrific side that allows a person to toss a baby kitten away as if it were refuse, and the side that allows a kitten to be given unwavering love. 

To everyone who has rescued a stray cat, dog, or other animal, I mark you as "mine, mine, mine."  

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